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LED 36 SMD 5050 FESTOON, T10, BA9S, PANEL Image

Comes with festoon (30-42mm)
T10 fitting
BA9S fitting

These LED panels are perfect for RV and motorhomes and people who demand alot of light whilst drawing small amounts from their battery, and have a good power to light ratio which means little heat.

SMDs use a high brightness LED light source making a efficient power supply,which can save up to 70% energy than the conventional sodium and mercury lamps.

Green and environmental protection. No lead, no mercury, No environmental pollution.

Easy installation: Can replace the original vehicle light directly. For replacement of side marker light, tail light, backup lights, and inside lights. Ideal replacements to standard Halogen bulbs with little heat.

What are SMDs and why should you choose it?

The light, emitted from SMD (surface-mount devices) LEDs, is very bright. SMD LED energy saving lamps are the latest lighting technology which has a high-effect energy conservation, low-power consumption, high illumination and extra-long lifespan.

*Older style Diode LEDs - Have poor heat emissions and after a period of time will get light decay (become dim)
*Low Power 1210 SMD - Mid range light emitting bulbs
*Low Power 3528 SMD - Mid range light emitting bulbs
*High Power 5050 SMD - High range light emitting bulbs

The light emitting area of 5050 SMDs is equivalent to 6 Older style diode LEDs or 4 low power SMDs

Life time: >50,000 hours

LEDs : 36 Super Bright 5050 SMD LEDs.

LED colour: Cool White

Input: 12V
Current output: 370 mA
Max RMS power: 3.5W
Panel size: 66mm x 48mm x 3mm
External Testing Certification: CE

Comes with adhesive backing

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